An esoteric concept that fascinated the first Surrealists, an “égrégore” is a sort of mob mentality. Scholar Pierre Mabille defined it as “a group of humans endowed with a personality different from that of the individuals forming it.” This concept of collective consciousness was the springboard for Yves Laroche Gallery’s eponymous exhibition, the gallery’s largest group show to date. With dozens of artists, many of whom are associated with the Pop Surrealist movement, the show builds its momentum from the multitudes of distinct yet complementary aesthetics joined together. Among the line-up are names that will be well-known to our readers: Josh Agle (Shag), Martin Wittfooth, Amy Sol, Joe Sorren, Liz McGrath, Annie Owens (Hi-Fructose co-editor-in-chief), AJ Fosik, Miss Van and many others. Take a look at our sneak peek below before “Égrégore” opens on October 30 at Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal. See more on Hi-Fructose.


Eli Craven (b. 1979, Idaho Falls, ID, USA) - 1: Crotch  2: Triangle  3: Onehead  4: Beach from Screen Lovers series   Collages, Folding Art

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When I’m With You - Best Coast

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Never trust a man who howls at you like a wolf

without treating you like the moon.


- Meggie Royer. Metaphors My Mother Never Taught Me (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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Siouxsie Sioux photographed by Philippe Carly.

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